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About Us

Today the politics and actions taken by the Virginia AFL-CIO cover the full spectrum of the political and community issues each of us face. We've learned the hard lesson that taking care of our own can, and should, mean taking care of us all. In recent years, Virginia AFL-CIO action at the local, county, and state level has helped make important and beneficial legislation a reality for all Virginians. We actively supported and sought the passage of state laws including the popular election of school boards; stronger worker's compensation laws; increased fines for workplace safety violations; civil rights and equal rights; and legislation requiring local governments to offer health care to retirees.

From our central headquarters in Richmond the Virginia AFL-CIO monitors all legislation affecting the working people of Virginia. To keep the state's labor standards on a progressive track for all working people, the Virginia AFL-CIO worked to win the fight against passage of laws that would have reduced unemployment benefits and lowered compensation payments for injured workers who choose to retire. 

While our political efforts may end with action in the Statehouse or in the Halls of Congress, they start at the community level with programs reaching concerned citizens in every town and county in the Old Dominion. The Virginia AFL-CIO Political Committee sponsors non-partisan voter registration campaigns and get-out-the vote programs -- not just in presidential elections, but in every election. And because we know how much people can empower our democratic process, COPE educates and encourages members to become more involved in America's public life.Through these statewide grassroots programs, thousands of people are learning how to make government better by electing lawmakers who share the concerns of the working men and women of Virginia. Through the Virginia AFL-CIO their voices echo in the laws that are passed.

Through a network of four Area Labor Federations, we're out there helping people not only with their livelihoods but with their lives. Virginia AFL-CIO Community Services Representatives serve on planning boards for community chests, community health organizations, and United Way. When you look around your community, or any community... from blood banks to Boy Scout troops to delivering toys at Christmas... you'll discover the Virginia AFL-CIO.


Doris Crouse-Mays