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Destiny LeVere
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(Richmond, VA –November 6th) The Virginia AFL-CIO would like to congratulate all the union-endorsed candidates who won elections across the Commonwealth.

Elections in Virginia happen every year, but this election by far was the most important election for Virginia’s working families. A lot is at stake for workers, from worker protections, having a voice in the democracy, having a right to join together and organize, increasing the minimum wage, to providing the best education for our children.  

Virginia’s economy has been moving in two very different directions, but now, we can get it moving in the right direction. This election marked the difference between remaining 51st overall for workers and putting an agenda that values Virginia’s workers at the forefront. 

For all Virginia workers, there’s strength in numbers. Unions take pride in our long-term commitment to ensuring that all working people are entitled to good, safe jobs with fair wages; quality healthcare; paid time off and flexible, predictable scheduling; freedom from discrimination; retirement with dignity; quality education; freedom to join together to address working conditions; and the right to have a voice in our democracy. And now, we expect these newly elected Delegates and Senators to share this commitment.

The election battle may have ended, but the fight to ensure that new, robust pro-labor policies get passed for all working people is just beginning. The fight for this reality begins now and we are ready.

Again, we send a huge congratulations to the candidates who have promised to stand in unity with unions and working families across the Commonwealth. We look forward to working with them to ensure that our rights both in and outside of the workplace are protected and respected. The fight will only grow stronger with them on our side.